What type of wood should I use?


The wood you use in your ITALIAN pizza oven is based largely on your personal preference.

A good-quality, dry wood that produces a good, hot flame is all you really need. We recommend and mostly use, Bluegum.

However when cooking something other than pizza a different wood may be more suitable. A wood that burns for longer and maybe with different notes of flavor may be more suitable for slow roasts.

Using the right type of wood for your ITALINA pizza oven will make it nice and easy to get your oven fired and ready to cook. Wood that is not suitable will be more difficult to ignite and can make getting a fire going into a unnecessarily long process.

How long does it take to cook a pizza?

This question is asked by almost everyone and is actually relatively difficult to give a correct answer!

There are many variables that determine the cooking time of your pizza. Depending on whether you like thick Neapolitan style bases, thin crust, extra cheesy or minimal toppings. Are you using par cooked bases or making yours from scratch? Maybe you are trying to cut down on carbs and are using a cauliflower base?

Pizzas are like people, they are all unique and different in their own way!

How long it takes to cook a pizza depends on the type of pizza you sway towards, we normally say your pizzas will cook within 60 – 90 seconds in our oven!

How do I keep my pizza oven looking newer for longer?

Our ovens are made of grade 430 stainless steel, making them suitable for outdoor use and storage. When your oven is not being used over an extended period of time, we advise you spray Q20 oil on a dry cloth and wipe the oven’s outer surface, creating a thin protective layer of oil. This layer can then be wiped off with a dry rag before the ovens next use.

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