ITALINA Stainless Steel Oven VS Brick and Mortar

A frequently asked question is: What is the difference between getting an ITALINA stainless steel oven as opposed to getting a brick-and-mortar-style pizza oven?

There is not one specific reason as our oven is based on a century-old design, but there are some pros to having our modern-day version.

We have designed our ovens to be a bit more convenient than the built-in brick-and-mortar ones. Getting a pizza oven can be seen as some sort of investment, and many people wait until they find their forever home before they get a pizza oven. With ITALINA, you do not need to wait, as we have designed them to be portable. They can be easily moved around with the help of two people. Whether you decide to move houses or you want to bring your oven along with you to your holiday house, we have made that a possibility!

The ITALINA is uniquely designed with an elevated flame which gives you maximum surface area to fit your pizzas in, saving you at least one-quarter to a third of the space taken by the fire on the ground. 

Brick and mortar ovens also need to be tempered, meaning that once they are built, you will need to light a fire every day for about a week, starting from day one with a small fire, working towards day five – seven gradually increasing the size of the fire, to relieve any stress, insuring that it does not crack. What many people are unaware of is that this process is required to be done each time the oven has not been in use and cold. 

Lastly, our ovens only take about half an hour to heat up, so you do not need to wait for hours before you start cooking your food. Another big pro is that you can add attachments to our ovens, for example, a rotisserie. 

Taste-wise, they are the same. We wanted to incorporate that wood-fired taste that everyone loves, so in that regard, we have done all that is possible to replicate that aspect of the brick-and-mortar style oven.

It all depends on what you are looking for and your style. These ovens are designed with the same concept as the original ones but are just more convenient, cost-effective, quicker, and more modern.

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