Pizza oven for braai

Summer is upon us. One activity we do as a country is to braai. It’s our culture. No better way to welcome the braai season than with an amazing pizza oven to braai with, or should I just say pizza oven? It is convenient for not only making pizza but other favorite braai dishes as well. Clear sky, the sun is shining, and friends are coming over for an afternoon get-together. There’s the ordinary pizza braai stand built on the wall; you need to start the fire an hour before, so the pizza can be ready when everyone is around. The worst that can happen is lighting up another braai to put meat on or your veggies on. Imagine a pizza oven that could do both. A stylish and elegant stainless steel Italina pizza oven, designed to suit your braai skills and compliment your braai area.

Does your pizza oven allow you to braai?

The Italina Pizza oven allows you to braai and makes pizza. The pizza oven can be fitted with an attachment that allows you to braai and cook in the pizza oven. No need to set up a second braai for the meat only; the Italina pizza oven got your afternoon braai with friends sorted.

Yes, I have the braai on the wall.

That is fine. Nothing is wrong with tradition or old school. It is the administration that we’re trying to detach ourselves from—the aspects of cleaning or waiting for the meat to be done rather than putting the pizza on when the coals are still hot. The stainless steel pizza oven allows you to do everything and still have your beer in your hand, and it requires less setup and cleaning time, which is convenient at its best.

The Italina pizza oven

The Italina pizza oven has great features that can be convenient for not only you but also your guests. Let’s say everyone is by the pool having great laughter, and you want to be part of the fun, but you are making the braai. The braai on the wall cannot move with you. The Italina stainless steel pizza oven can be taken mobile to wheel the pizza oven closer to the pool and join in on the fun. The Italina pizza oven is made for braai lovers like yourself. To embrace the braai season. The pizza oven can easily be differentiated from an ordinary braai oven. The pizza oven comes in a dome shape. So the cooking can be even from top to bottom; an ordinary braai cannot achieve this. It allows the meat to cook from all angles and is easy to use, not just from the bottom like a normal braai stand.

Pizza oven convenience

Convenience is what we are all looking for, and the Italina stainless steel pizza oven brings exactly that to the braai community. Not just with the elegant design. The joy of making a perfect pizza and then putting your meat on later with a different take on the cooking thereof, with no fuss at all. Easy-to-use pizza oven, no need to be a pro.

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