Wood-Fired Pizza Oven For Sale

The proportions and the form of the pizza oven

The design of the pizza oven is typically a half-sphere, and this shape is chosen so as to impact the airflow within the oven. The shape of the dome creates a tiny pocket that allows for the circulation of hot air that is created by the fire above the pizza, and this allows for the heat to be transferred through radiation.

The heat travels from the bottom of the dome all the way to the top, where it is then diverted back down to the bottom so that the pizzas may be cooked evenly in a matter of minutes.

Italina Pizza Oven Base features a speedier heating time, as well as a quicker cooling time.

According to Pizza Today, a stainless steel pizza oven is a highly good conductor of heat, which means that it will get very hot very rapidly. Having said that, it will also cool down lot faster, allowing you to begin the process of cleaning much sooner.

Those who require the ability to produce delicious pizza in a short amount of time can benefit from using an Italina stainless steel oven.

Pizza Oven Material

The purchase of a pizza oven can be interpreted as a form of investment, which is why many individuals put off making the purchase until after they have located their ideal residence.

Because we have intended ITALINA to be portable, there is no need for you to wait when you use it.

Simply said, with the assistance of two persons, they are able to be carried around with relative ease. We have made it possible for you to transport your oven, in the event that you either choose to relocate to a new home or wish to take it with you when you go to your vacation home.

Our Ovens Are Well Insulated

Because a well-insulated pizza oven keeps the heat within where it belongs, it requires less firewood to accomplish the same outcome as traditional brick-and-mortar ovens.

Extra Tip for Unwinding and Relaxation

It’s always a good idea to enjoy the dying embers of the fire in your Italina oven on a cold evening, especially after a day well spent with friends and family enjoying great pizzas.

Which Utensils And Equipment Am I Required To Have If I Want To Make Pizza In My Portable Wood-Fired Oven?

When working with any kind of wood-fired oven, it is essential to have a high-quality set of gloves that cover the majority of the arm.

When removing heated pots and other items from the oven, using oven gloves made of silicone may protect your hands from burns. Believe me, you will start to feel the heat very quickly if you are just wearing standard gloves.

A pizza peel is a gadget that is used to put pizzas in the oven without losing any of the toppings on top of the pizza. This may be accomplished by sliding the pizza onto the pizza peel. You may construct your pizza on the peel before placing it in the oven.

Advice Regarding the Cleaning of Your Oven

Before beginning the cleaning process, ensure that the oven has had sufficient time to COOL DOWN COMPLETELY.

When cleaning the inside of the oven, you should not use any kind of detergent or chemical product of any kind, as this is our strongest recommendation. When it comes to cleaning the floor of the oven, all you need is a moist towel.

If there is any oil or cheese spatter on the floor of your oven from the pizzas or baked foods you have prepared, all you need to do is scrape off any extra food with the pizza peel. After that, take any ash that is left over from the fire and massage it into the oil mark to soak it up. Before using the oven again, this ash may easily be removed by brushing it away.

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